Microsoft Windows 2000 API Superbible. With CD-ROM (Broché)

Richard-J Simon

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  • Sams Publishing

  • Paru le : 11/10/2000
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Following in the tradition of the SuperBibles for Windows 95 and Win32, this book is a comprehensive reference for all the APIs needed by a Windows programmer. It is arranged topically, with related functions presented in the same chapter. Using relevant examples that arc both complete and appropriate to the given task, you will bc able to clearly sec the most effective usage for each function. The user-friendly organization of the book saves you valuable programming time and negates the need to sift through bulky, disorganized documentation. With this necessary reference, you will understand such topics as Windows 2000 programming, the Win32 API, the Graphics Device Interface (GDI), the registry, common controls, processes, threads and fibers, Multiple-Document Interface (MDI), and dynamic link libraries. Learn how to: ? Perform low-level message processing ? Handle Windows 2000 resources, including menus, dialogs, and common controls ? Retrieve and understand user inputs ? Decipher and manage memory ? Program the Graphics Device Interface (GDI) ? Handle the display and manipulation of bitmaps and metafiles ? Format and perform primed output ? Control palettes and implement color matching ? Read and write files, the clipboard, and the Registry ? Control events using timers ? Synchronize processes, threads, and fibers ? Prevent errors and incorporate exception processing ? Implement components using dynamic link libraries
    • Windows 2000 Programming
    • The Win32 API
    • Creating Windows
    • Windows Support Functions
    • Message Processing
    • Menus
    • Resources
    • Dialog Boxes
    • User Input Functions
    • Scrollbars
    • Memory Management
    • The Graphics Device Interface
    • Bitmaps, Icons, and Metafiles
    • Printing and Text Output
    • Painting and Drawing
    • Palettes and Color Matching
    • I/O with Files
    • The Clipboard
    • The Registry
    • Initialization Files
    • System Information
    • String Manipulation and Character Sets
    • Atoms
    • Timers
    • Processes, Threads, and Fibers
    • Error and Exception Processing
    • Multiple-Document Interface (MDI)
    • Interfacing with Help Files
    • File Decompressing and Installation
    • Dynamic Link Libraries.
  • Date de parution : 11/10/2000
  • Editeur : Sams Publishing
  • ISBN : 0-672-31933-0
  • EAN : 9780672319334
  • Présentation : Broché
  • Nb. de pages : 1590 pages
  • Poids : 2.345 Kg
  • Dimensions : 18,7 cm × 23,1 cm × 5,7 cm

Biographie de Richard-J Simon

Richard J. Simon is the author of the Microsoft Windows 95 API SuperBible and the Microsoft Win32 API SuperBible. He is presently the Vice President of development/information systems for a software development firm. His software development experience spans 15 years, and bc has spent the last 12 years specializing in client/server Windows applications developed in C and C++.
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Microsoft Windows 2000 API Superbible. With CD-ROM
78,50 €
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