Electromagnetic Theory (Broché)

Attay Kovetz

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  • Oxford University Press

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Electromagnetic Theory is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students taking an intermediate or advanced course in electromagnetism. It presents electromagnetism as a classical theory, based, like mechanics, on principles that are independent of the atomic constitution of matter. This book is unique among electrodynamics texts in its treatment of the precise manner in which electromagnetism is linked to mechanics and thermodynamics. Thus a clear distinction is maintained between such concepts as field and force, or radiation and heat. Applications include: radiation from charged particles, electromagnetic wave propagation and guided waves, thermoelectricity, magneto-hydrodynamics, piezoelectricity, ferroelectricity, paramagnetic cooling, ferromagnetism and superconductivity. There are 225 worked examples, many of which deal with dynamical and thermal effects of electromagnetic fields, and with effects resulting from the motion of bodies. The concise, methodological approach of this book will be especially valuable both to students and to tutors and lecturers.
    • Electric charges and currents
    • The calculus of antisymmetric tensors
    • The first pair of Maxwell's equations
    • The second pair of Maxwell's equations
    • The aether relations and the theory of relativity
    • Charged particles
    • Polarization and magnetization
    • Electrostatics
    • Linear dielectrics
    • Steady currents in linearly conducting materials
    • Linear magnets
    • Radiation
    • Electromagnetic wave propagation
    • A review of continuum mechanics
    • The fusion of electromagnetism with mechanics and thermodynamics
    • Magnetohydrodynamics
    • Electric materials
    • Magnetic materials

Biographie d'Attay Kovetz

Attay Kovetz is Professor of Physics at Tel Aviv University.
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Electromagnetic Theory
34,10 €
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