Programming the Perl DBI (Broché)

Tim Bunce, Alligator Descartes

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One of the greatest strengths of the Perl programming language is its ability to manipulate large amounts of data. Database programming is therefore a natural fit for Perl, not only for business applications but also for CGI-based Web and Intranet applications. The primary interface for database programming in Perl is DBI. DBI is a database-independent package that provides a consistent set of routines regardless of what database product is in use-Oracle, Sybase, Ingres, Informix, you name it. DBI separates the actual database drivers (DBDs) from the programmer's API, so any DBI program can work with any database, or even with multiple databases by different vendors simultaneously. For the uninitiated, the book explains the architecture of DBI and explains how to write DBI-based programs. For the DBI expert, this book explains DBI's nuances and the peculiarities of each individual DBD. The book covers: • Understanding DBI and its design • Constructing queries and binding parameters • Working with database, driver, and statement handles • Debugging techniques • Using each existing DBD In addition, Programming the Perl DBI contains a complete reference to DBI.
    • Basic Non-DBI Databases
    • SQL and Relational Databases
    • Programming with the DBI
    • Interacting with the Database
    • Advanced DBI
    • ODBC and the DBI
    • DBI Shell and Database Proxying.
  • Date de parution : 25/03/2000
  • Editeur : O'Reilly
  • Collection : database programming with perl
  • ISBN : 1-56592-699-4
  • EAN : 9781565926998
  • Présentation : Broché
  • Nb. de pages : 346 pages
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The authors of Programming the Perl DBI are Alligator Descartes and Tim Bunce. Alligator has extensive experience in Oracle database administration, has written several Perl modules, and is an active member of the DBI community. Tim is none other than the inventor and maintainer of DBI, as well as the Technical Director of the Ingram Group. Together they make this the definitive book for database programming in Perl.
Tim Bunce et Alligator Descartes - .
Programming the Perl DBI
Tim Bunce, ...
46,00 €
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