We were invincible

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Nobody really knows who these men are- men in black dropped off by a helicopter on the outskirts of a small Afghan village; wading through swamps in Croatia,... > Lire la suite
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Nobody really knows who these men are- men in black dropped off by a helicopter on the outskirts of a small Afghan village; wading through swamps in Croatia, intent on killing a war criminal; who ensure the protection of a Canadian General in Rwanda; who subdue hostage takers in Peru; and who prove, on-site, the Serbian disarmament lies told by President Milosevic. DENIS MORISSET was part of the initial sixteen-member Joint Task Force 2 (JTF 2) unit from 1993-2001.
His extensive and rigorous training and hardships will make more than one reader realize that his being alive today is nothing short of a miracle. Seven members of his unit have not lived to tell the tale. Canada, for good reason, will never render justice to these anonymous combatants whose only medals of bravery are the numerous scars still visible on their bullet-proof vests. Unlike the British SAS and the United States' Delta Force, this special Canadian intervention unit was, according to David Rudd of the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies, trained "to infiltrate into dangerous areas behind enemy lines, look for key targets and take them out.
They don't go out to arrest people. They don't go out there to hand out food parcels. They go out to kill targets."
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Denis Morisset was born on April 28, 1963 in Québec City and was adopted by a musician father and stay-at-home mother. He attended Holland Elementary School, Quebec High School and St. Lawrence College after which he enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces with the intention of becoming a recruiting officer. Mr. Morisset eventually became a non-commissioned officer working in communications. Based at Valcartier, he was transferred to a counter-terrorist unit in Ottawa in the early 1990s where he was mandated as a specialist in radio communications and computers and selected to be a member of the special assault units.
He took part in numerous missions throughout the world, but once his unit was dismantled, returned to Valcartier. A civilian once again, Mr. Morisset held various different positions in the Quebec region. Denis Morisset is married and has three children. His book We Were Invincible, written in collaboration with Claude Coulombe and published in 2008, delivers an emotional and detailed account of an exciting yet brutal life that the majority of us do not even know exists.

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Denis Morisset et Claude Coulombe - We were invincible.
We were invincible
13,99 €
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