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Why do people fight? What's the use of education? Is India rich or poor? Why are stories important? Can anyone be a leader? Is science... Lire la suite
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Why do people fight? What's the use of education? Is India rich or poor? Why are stories important? Can anyone be a leader? Is science only about exams? Will planting trees save the earth? Growing up throws up a lot of questions - about people, events and the world around us. Sometimes the answers are in simple black and white, wrong and right, but mostly they are not. In this book, ten truth-explorers and idea-shapers share with you their thought-provoking views on important topics close to your heart and mind.
Drawing on their experiences, they help you see many different sides of a question and arrive at the most important truth - your own conclusion, your own interpretation, your own answer. Subroto Bagchi on Leadership Shaheen Mistri on Education Vivek Menon on Nature Meeta Kumar on the Economy Manjula Padmanabhan on Gender Bias Omair Ahmad on Conflict Bibek Debroy on God and Religion Roopa Pai on Stories Hartosh Singh Bal on Science and Maths Kapil Dev on Sports


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Subroto Bagchi, founder and former Chairman of MindTree, is a management guru and bestselling author of business and mamangement books. Shaheen Mistri is CEO and founder of Teach For India and Akanksha. Vivek Menon is founder and Exceutive Director of the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) and a leading author of books on wildlife. Meeta Kumar is lecturer of Economics at Miranda House college, Delhi. Omair Ahmad is a well-known fiction and non-fiction author. Bibek Debroy is a leading economist, scholar and author, and member of the NITI Aayog. Roopa Pai is a bestselling author of children's books such as The Gita for Children. Hartosh Singh Bal is a prominent journalist and political editor, The Caravan. Kapil Dev is a living legend of cricket.

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