Summary: Eight Steps To Seven Figures - Charles Carlson

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  • Paru le : 14/02/2013
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This work offers a summary of the book "EIGHT STEPS TO SEVEN FIGURES: The Investment Strategies Of Everyday Millionaires And How You Can Become Wealthy Too" by Charles Carlson. Charles Carlson is a chartered financial analyst and the author of Buying Stocks Without A Broker and No-Load Stocks. He is co-manager of the Strong Dow 30 Value No-Load Mutual Fund. Mr. Carlson has been widely quoted in the business press, including Forbes and USA Today.
As Charles Carlson argues in this brilliant work, ordinary working people can create a seven-figure net worth within their lifetimes solely through a long-term stock investment program - and without starting out with a large chunk of capital or any specialist expertise. To prove this, 170 people with investment portfolios greater than $1 million were studied to learn the keys to their success.
The author explores the eight steps these millionaires had all had in common, such as "invest only in assets that always grow over time - which means stocks or mutual funds", "accumulate steady gains year after year" or "take advantage of everything the government allows". Mr. Carlson demonstrates that nothing exotic is required to become wealthy. Drawing on real-world success stories, Eight Steps To Seven Figures offers you the best strategies adopted by millionaires.
A must read book for all investors.
  • Date de parution : 14/02/2013
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BusinessNews Publishing - Summary: Eight Steps To Seven Figures - Charles Carlson.
Summary: Eight Steps To Seven Figures - Charles...
6,99 €
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