Reducing Vulnerability of Critical Infrastructures - Methodological Manual

Benoît Robert, Luciano Morabito

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The methodology proposed in this manual enables the study of two important types of interdependencies between essential infrastructures: physical and geographical. It involves defining a study area and analyzing the customer-supplier relationships between critical infrastructures and the temporal and spatial consequences of the unavailability of a given resource. These consequences are presented as curves, which depict the propagation of domino effects over time in the study area.
The methodology also permits an analysis of how critical infrastructures will fail and enables the identification of infrastructures vulnerable to these failures. Overlaying these layers of information allows areas that are most sensitive to geographical interdependencies to be identified and mitigation measures to be implemented.
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Benoît Robert, Eng., Ph. D., is an engineer and Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering at the École Polytechnique de Montréal. Dr. Robert is also Director of the Centre risque & performance and a renowned specialist in risk management. He is considered a pioneer in the assessment of domino effects in Canada. Luciano Morabito, Eng., M. Eng., is an engineer and research associate at the École Polytechnique de Montréal.
He has been working since 2004 on the development of a methodology for assessing interdependencies among critical infrastructures and is responsible for developing tools for modeling and managing these interdependencies.

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Benoît Robert et Luciano Morabito - Reducing Vulnerability of Critical Infrastructures - Methodological Manual.
Reducing Vulnerability of Critical Infrastructures. Methodological Manual
15,00 €
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