REACHING THE SUMMITS - François-Guy Thivierge

  • Editions Sylvain Harvey

  • Paru le : 16/11/2011
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Adventurer and mountaineer François-Guy Thivierge is one of the rare individuals to have conquered the highest peak on each of the seven continents and... > Lire la suite
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Adventurer and mountaineer François-Guy Thivierge is one of the rare individuals to have conquered the highest peak on each of the seven continents and to have explored both poles. His book, aimed at both the general public and those with an appetite for big thrills, is a passionate account of the path that led him to "reach the summits." Magnificently illustrated with images taken along the way, this coffee-table book features 200 vivid and colourful photographs as well as fascinating texts about mountaineering and the art of testing one's limits. Like a true world tour, the book takes the reader in turn to Aconcagua in Argentina, Kilimanjaro in Africa, Everest in Nepal, Vinson in Antarctica, Denali in Alaska, Elbrus in Russia and the Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia, as well as the North and South Poles.
A wealth of useful information, including a data sheet and descriptive sketch, is provided for each destination. The author recounts his extraordinary story full of hair-raising adventures. But above and beyond the feat itself, this book will prove to be a source of inspiration and motivation for all readers as well as a lesson on how to approach personal challenges, whatever they may be. You too can reach for the summits! With the collaboration of photographer Jean-Pierre Danvoye
  • Date de parution : 16/11/2011
  • Editeur : Editions Sylvain Harvey
  • ISBN : 978-2-923794-35-8
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François-Guy Thivierge is among the some 30 adventurers on the planet to have completed one of the most coveted extreme odysseys around the world: the seven summits and the two poles. Having conquered Everest and the highest summit on each of the continents, mountaineer and lecturer François-Guy Thivierge is no stranger to hard work. A native of the Quebec City area, he has around 3, 000 ascents under his belt, has toured some fifty countries and skied both of the Earth's poles.
His determination also prompted him to establish the Roc Gyms climbing centre and the Montagne de l'Espoir, a foundation dedicated to supporting young people in need. In addition to his thirst for the most daring of adventures, François-Guy Thivierge pursues a major dream: that of sharing with others his driving passion and the values the mountain has taught him.

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REACHING THE SUMMITS. François-Guy Thivierge
18,99 €
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