Managing the Test People - A Guide to Practical Technical Management

Judy McKay

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  • Paru le : 27/04/2007
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Votre note
Managing the Test People was written for managers, leads, and people who may soon find themselves in a technical leadership position. It focuses on some of the unique problems in the software quality assurance profession, yet the bulk of the book is applicable to any technical management job. It provides practical advice for the novice and affirmation for the expert. It contains real world stories illustrating the concepts discussed in the text. This book is written from a practitioner's viewpoint.
The author has been in software management for over 20 years, working in a variety of companies, and has always been struck by the lack of practical, real world advice found only in general management books. Yes, all those methods should theoretically work, until you add in the politics of the environment, the technical work that must be done and, of course, those pesky people who seem intent on fouling up your plans.
Managing the Test People is real - it's about the real world where there are real problems and real people, and it provides viable solutions that can actually be implemented.
  • Date de parution : 27/04/2007
  • Editeur : Rocky Nook
  • ISBN : 978-1-4571-1817-3
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Biographie de Judy McKay

Judy McKay has spent the last 25 years working in the high tech industry, with particular focus on software quality assurance. She has managed departments encompassing all aspects of the software lifecycle, including requirements design and analysis, software development, database design, software quality assurance, software testing, technical support, professional services, configuration management, technical publications, and software licensing.
Her career has spanned across commercial software companies, aerospace, foreign-owned R&D, networking, and various Internet companies. Judy runs a consulting and training business in the spare time from her "real job." Her courses are based on the real-world application of practical data, and cover the spectrum of software quality assurance, including creating and maintaining a world-class quality assurance team, designing and implementing quality assurance and effective testing, and creating and implementing useful test documentation and metrics.

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Judy McKay - Managing the Test People - A Guide to Practical Technical Management.
Managing the Test People. A Guide to Practical...
Judy McKay
26,99 €
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