Canadian in America, The - Real-Life Tax and Financial Insights into Moving to and Living in the U.S.

Brian D. Wruk, Larry Zbyszko, Marc Shapiro, Brian D. Wruk with Terry F. Ritchie, Terry F. Ritchie

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  • Paru le : 01/05/2007
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?Approximately 50, 000 Canadians move to the U. S. every year. Already, there are hundreds of thousands of ex-Canadians living south of the border. The similarity in language, currency, culture, services, and products of these two countries can lead Canadians in the U. S. to mistakenly think that its laws and customs are also the same. It is these areas where The Canadian in America will be crucial to anyone either contemplating a move or already living in the U.
S. Can a Canadian qualify for U. S. Medicare at age 65? Is a Canadian will valid in the U. S.? What coverage does your provincial health plan give you in the U. S.? Can you collect Canadian Old Age Security if you move to the U. S.? The Canadian in America answers all these questions and more, focusing on the areas of difference between Canadian and U. S. laws: taxation, investment, health care, wills, and estates.
It covers eight areas of financial planning: immigration planning, customs planning, cash management, income tax planning, retirement, estate planning, risk management, and investments. Author and financial advisor Brian D. Wruk explains, in clear and simple language, ways in which one can avoid cross-border complications. For example, in moving across the border, you must contend with the Canadian tax code, the U.
S. tax code, and the Canada/U. S. Tax Treaty which overrides the other two in certain areas. A simple move can result in a huge tax liability (sometimes double or triple taxation). This book is an invaluable resource for Canadians who have married U. S. citizens; moved for their employment; are professional athletes or entertainers; are simply seeking a warmer climate to retire to; or are U. S.
citizens moving back home from Canada.
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Brian D. Wruk et Larry Zbyszko - Canadian in America, The - Real-Life Tax and Financial Insights into Moving to and Living in the U.S..
Canadian in America, The. Real-Life Tax and...
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